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Medicaid Insurance

Medicaid is a publicly funded health insurance program providing medical coverage to those whose income meets the standards determined by their household size. Eligibility for Medicaid may differ between states, yet typically individuals and households with an income less than 138% of the FPL are qualified. Some states have widened their Medicaid programs to include adults with incomes up to 200% of the FPL or greater.

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The ACA has enabled numerous states to provide Medicaid access for those with low incomes and no dependents. This has opened up the possibility of medical care for numerous individuals who had been unable to access it, and led to better health results in many areas. It also helped reduce medical debt among those who had previously been unable to afford job-based insurance plans or marketplace coverage through ACA marketplaces.

Comprehensive packages of Medicaid coverage typically include hospital visits, physician consultations, preventive care services like immunizations and screenings as well as mental health and substance abuse treatment at no or minimal cost depending on your individual circumstances. States may provide further assistance, for example with vision care, dental services and long-term support. Utilizing the power of keywords will help ensure that people can easily identify all the available options under this important program.

Due to the recent changes due to COVID-19 pandemic relief measures ending soon in 2023, there may be a loss of continuous coverage which could trigger special enrollment periods allowing individuals affected by these changes access to new coverage through Connect For Health Colorado or other platforms. Gaining familiarity with Medicaid Insurance is a key component of guaranteeing healthcare coverage for you and your loved ones. Resolute Insurance Advisors can help guide you in understanding as to if this type of insurance is right for you.

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