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Resolute Insurance Advisors, founded by Jared and Stephanie Kwasniewski, provides personalized health & dental insurance solutions for younger families and small businesses. Drawing on a decade of expertise in the field, Jared and Stephanie Kwasniewski's Resolute Insurance Advisors offer tailored health insurance policies to address the specific needs of their customers. Through their partnerships with all major carriers, Resolute is able to customize plans to meet each client's unique requirements.


We offer tailored advice to help you find the best health and dental insurance solutions for your family or business. Our team of skilled advisors are ready to provide tailored solutions that fit your individual needs and financial plan - so let's explore the possibilities.

Resolute Insurance Advisors provide comprehensive health and dental insurance solutions for individuals, young families, and small businesses. We understand that healthcare costs can be overwhelming and work closely with our clients to find the best coverage options without compromising on quality. Our team of experts is highly knowledgeable in a variety of plans such as HMOs, EPOs,PPOs and HSAs, offering comprehensive coverage for medical services ranging from preventive care to surgeries. Our team of experts can help you find a plan that offers extensive medical care, including preventive services, diagnostic exams, hospital stays, operations, and medications.

We offer a variety of extra advantages, including vision care for eye exams and eyewear or contact lenses; psychological health insurance coverage for issues like depression or stress and anxiety; long-term disability protection in case you are unable to work due to injury or illness; dental coverage for cleanings, fillings, as well as other preventative procedures; plus maternity treatment which covers prenatal appointments along with labor and delivery costs. With our expertise at your disposal, you'll be well equipped with the right healthcare plan tailored just for you.

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