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group insurance for businesses

Group insurance is an important benefit for businesses of all sizes. It helps attract and retain top talent, ensuring that a company can compete in the job market. Resolute Advisors specializes in helping companies navigate the complexities of group insurance policies to find the best coverage at the most affordable rates.


Fully insured plans are one type of policy offered by many providers. These plans typically have higher premiums but provide more comprehensive coverage than other types of policies. They also offer protection against high medical costs due to catastrophic events such as cancer or major accidents, which makes them attractive to employees who may be worried about such occurrences occurring during their employment period with a particular company.


Level funding plans are another option available from some insurers and they provide lower premiums than fully insured plans through an underwriting process while still providing quality coverage for most employees’ needs. 

We Can Help You Choose the Right Plan

Individual coverage health reimbursement arrangement or ICHRA are plans designed to help small business lower healthcare cost by giving employees access to the individual market for their health care needs.  These plans can be complicated, but with Resolute Advisors we can eliminate the headache of trying to understand the administration side of ICHRA plans.  These plans give the employee freedom to choose from multiple carriers and plans to tailor their specific health needs.

Before deciding on a group health insurance policy, employers should consult with a professional advisor to help them carefully examine all available options - from fully-insured and level funded plans to tailored packages designed for smaller businesses. This includes traditional methods such as fully-insured or level funded policies, as well as newer offerings like individualized health care packages designed specifically with smaller businesses in mind. Doing so ensures they get maximum value out of their investment while providing adequate protection and peace-of-mind benefits for their team members too.

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